Authentic Levi’s Jeans For Men at AJIO

AJIO provides you with an exquisite denim selection from Levi’s including classic 501 jeans, rugged trucker jackets and figure-hugging skinny jeans for women. Discover modern classics you can pair with other staples like casual shirts and blouses.

Examine whether the top button bears an embossed LEVI STRAUSS & CO logo along with a three digit code number which matches up with that printed on the white care label inside of jeans.

Made in the U.S.A.

Levi’s, as one of the world’s premier denim manufacturers, strives to craft products that last years or decades rather than becoming disposable waste products. Their denim can be repaired and refashioned rather than ending up in landfills as authentic self-expression pieces that never end up becoming waste.

Red Loop’s recent introduction into India’s premium market is helping it to quickly establish itself within India’s premium category and super-premium sales have experienced exponential growth since launch – now reaching double digit growth every quarter!

λιβαισ Loop program offers its members free membership and rewards them with “coins” each time they make purchases at stores or through the 247 app. Earn up to 250 points to unlock a $25 reward, but mention their membership in-store in order to take advantage of these benefits – something which could cause friction at cash registers and turn away potential customers. Furthermore, Levi’s Loop requires signing up when making their first purchase only and not earlier.


Levi’s jeans are highly sought-after items that can fetch an exceptional price, so it is vital that consumers examine telltale signs that the pair they possess is authentic. Check for the red Levi’s tab located on the back pocket to verify authenticity – this feature makes Levi’s jeans instantly recognizable to consumers everywhere!

Check for chain stitch hems of your jeans as another indicator of authenticity. Fake denim typically lack this feature and its presence should serve as a sure sign. In addition, look out for tags with capital E or lowercase xx on them; this indicates production after 1986.

If a jeans have an “xx” notation on the tag, this indicates they may not be genuine. Check for other signs such as visible selvedge on their outseams or an obvious Two Horse patch to confirm authenticity.


Levi’s(r) Relaxed Fit Jeans for men provide maximum comfort by being loose through the thighs and seat while tapering off at the knee for a tailored look. Perfectly complement these jeans with either a Levi’s(r) trucker jacket and simple crewneck tee for an all-American aesthetic, or switch it up by pairing with Western-inspired plaid shirt for more of an informal vibe.

Our Relaxed Fit jeans come in both stretch and non-stretch varieties, with various wash options ranging from stonewashed to distressed. Additionally, we provide relaxed Big & Tall jeans for guys with larger builds.

Mr Venkataramani highlights that premium denim in India is experiencing rapid growth. According to him, this can be seen through Red Loop line’s two-year performance; which boasts 100% growth since its launch.


No matter your taste in jeans, from stonewashed, distressed or classic indigo blue styles – we have something perfect! With relaxed big & tall styles made for guys with larger builds. Additionally, raw denim offers dark, tough material.

Make an impressionful statement in Levi’s jeans with a simple crew neck tee, or go for more rugged style by pairing your Levis jeans with one of their iconic denim trucker jackets, like our 541 Athletic Taper that fits loose through the thighs and seat, then tapers from knee to ankle for a tailored look – or go casual by opting for a casual roll hem look! No matter which style suits you best, AJIO offers only top Levi’s denim brands; wear like presidents, movie stars, farmers, fashion icons & fashion icons throughout its 140 year existence – what are you waiting for?! Get shopping and discover the best Levi’s jeans today AJIO has got what you need – let them make you stand out among your peers today!