Interesting Invisalign facts you must know before signing up for the treatment


Invisalign braces are no doubt an orthodontic wonder! When you select this modern braces system you take the first step forward to your straighter teeth and more confident smile. But this is actually the beginning and the next few months, or probably a year, you will be on these virtually invisible aligner trays. Your life is going to change a little in the wake of the development. 

When you have chosen Invisalign, your straighter teeth and more beautiful smile are just around the corner. Meanwhile you must be interested to know how to make your newly obtained invisible braces more comfortable. You can be rest assured that you have come to the right place for correct information on this range of revolutionary orthodontic aligners. In this crisp but informative guide Smile Clinic London shares a host of tried and tested tips and tricks to make your journey on Invisalign more convenient and comfortable as well as your treatment more effective in the long run. 

According to dentists in London who launch lucrative offers on Invisalign time to time achieving success with this revolutionary orthodontic braces success is easy when you have your basics straight. These prerequisites are a positive set of mind and little discipline. If you can bring forth these two factors then you can be sure that your success is just around the corner. Achieving the smile of your dream is not only possible but also not challenging when you choose Invisalign.    

First let us start with the benefits that this cutting-edge technology to straighten the teeth offers. 

Advantages that Invisalign offers

Invisalign is unquestionably the most popular system in the world to straighten the teeth. Till now since the late 1990s several millions of people across the globe have been benefitted by it and the number is still growing. What makes this teeth straightening system so popular? It is popular because it offers a range of benefits that other teeth aligner systems (read conventional braces) cannot. Here is a short list of benefits that the system offers.

  • As the term Invisalign implies, this braces system remains virtually invisible in the mouth. It is practically impossible even for people who spend hours together with you on daily basis to know that you are wearing these braces. You do not feel self conscious about your appearance with Jnvisalign much unlike the conventional braces system. Invisalign experiences you straightening the teeth without the appearance of a metallic mouth as in the case with conventional braces.
  • Ease of using Invisalign scores much above compared to that of any other alternative orthodontic procedure. When you are on conventional braces, you have to visit your orthodontist at short and regular intervals for necessary adjustments of the wires and brackets. But when you are on Invisalign there is no need to rush to your treatment provider every now and then as you get the necessary adjustments in form of a new set of trays almost every fortnight. 
  • Invisalign aligner trays are made from medical grade clear thermoplastic whereas conventional fixed braces are made from metal or stainless steel. As a result conventional braces as well as brackets and wires have sharp edges which may cut into the soft tissues of the mouth. Thus with traditional braces people often suffer from aggravations and discomfort. Invisalign aligners on the other hand are smoother and more comfortable for the mouth. The range of braces offers a much reduced level of inconvenience and discomfort throughout your teeth alignment process compared to traditional braces.

Now let us quickly explore few basic facts about the modern and invisible aligner system.

  • Unlike conventional braces, invisible aligner trays are easily removable.
  • The aligner trays are made from high quality medical grade thermoplastic and are absolutely safe for health.   
  • The range of orthodontic appliances is custom fitted to your teeth.
  • Initially you may experience little pain and discomfort with Invisalign aligners but those issues automatically get sorted out within a few days assures an orthodontist who provides reasonable offers on Invisalign near me in London. 

Invisalign system and few interesting facts

You must have guessed by now that Invisalign aligner trays differ from standard orthodontic braces in ways more than one. In this section of the post we will take a closer look at these appliances to reveal some of its unique aspects.

  • The aligner trays are easily removable, which in other words means there is zero dietary restriction imposed on you throughout the course of your journey on Invisalign. Moreover this facility also allows you to maintain optimum oral hygiene. You can brush and floss the teeth normally every day. However it is crucial that you keep wearing the aligners as much as possible every day. 
  • The aligner trays and made of medical grade thermoplastic. Thermoplastic has a unique feature which needs to be mentioned in this context. It can hold its shape in spite of being in the warm temperature inside your mouth. Even your aligner trays will firmly hold on to their shape throughout the time you wear them on the teeth.
  • The aligner trays are custom fitted for your teeth. Invisalign aligners are never the type of products that falls under the category of “one size fits all”. Your treatment provider makes precise measurement of your mouth before the start of the treatment to make sure your aligner trays fit perfectly on your teeth. Based on those measurements your custom fitted clear aligner trays are shipped from a remote Invisalign lab explain dentists based in London who make lucrative offer on Invisalign from time to time. 
  • Invisalign aligner trays are likely to cause little pain and discomfort in the initial stages. Just like any other orthodontic appliance to straighten the teeth these aligner trays too exert pressure on your teeth to make them move to proper alignment. This is the reason why the aligners may hurt. Gradually you will adjust to this pain and the problem will wither away in a couple of days.  
  • When you are on Invisalign you must hold some patience. Results may take a while to reflect and till then you must keep up with the hard work. Before you know that it is time you will start seeing your straighter smile in the mirror. And that is literally worth every bit of effort and hard work that you chipped in. 

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