That Which Flows By – A Manhwa With Magic, Humor, and Heart

That Which Flows by is widely revered for both its engaging plot and complex characters as well as its stunning artwork. This combination of art and storytelling has attracted millions worldwide.

Webtoon and Mangakakalot offer free platforms where you can read That Which Flows by, with minimal ads and intuitive navigation on mobile devices.

Dark Tone

That Which Flows by is an atmospheric manga series with a deep moody atmosphere, drawing many fans of manhwa. Its characters face moral dilemmas and real danger in its highly stylized artwork that heightens drama.

Yeon is an adept water mage who joins the Gilde, an organization for people with magical abilities to train and go on adventures together. Alongside two fire mages and an earth mage, he travels throughout an enchanted world in their efforts to protect their kingdom against any threats to it.

Webtoon, a popular comic hosting website that hosts many manhwa series, provides That Which Flows by for free reading and chapter updates via both its mobile app and web platform. In addition, Mangakakalot and Mangasee123 both provide clean layouts without distracting ads as well as mobile-friendly pages – great options if you don’t mind reading on mobile!

Complex Characters

With captivating characters, an exciting plot, and stunning art, this manga will capture readers of all ages. A magical tale with humor and heart that will transport you into an amazing fantasy world!

Yuri, a young girl who can see “lines of flow” representing fate and destiny all around her, uses these connections to influence people’s futures – though she must always consider any moral ramifications of her actions before doing so.

That Which flows by is available free on Webtoon, an established comics and manga website. You can also find it on KissManga, Mangasee123 and other free manga hosting platforms; often uploading new chapters quickly with mobile-friendly pages – plus not many annoying advertisements!

Beautiful Artwork

Artwork that is beautifully rendered and expressive makes it easier for readers to comprehend the emotions expressed by characters, leading to such widespread and loyal fanship of manga.

This novel blends romance, historical events and action. Additionally, It explores complex themes like power relations, personal growth and consequences of one’s actions rarely explored in manga, making That Which Flows by truly unique.

Manga has quickly become an international hit, making itself available in many different languages and across multiple websites such as Webtoon, Mangakakalot and KissManga. You can also find it on Mangasee123 which features clean layout without distracting advertisements as well as mobile-friendly pages; plus it updates frequently so you don’t miss any chapters!


That Which Flows By is packed with action and suspense that keeps readers on the edge of their seats, with twists and turns in its plot as well as threats posed by villains who discover Mia’s shadow powers making this series hard to put down.

The dark, stylish visual aesthetic works wonderfully to support the story’s tone. Character designs are engaging and realistic, while small touches like screentone add depth. Action sequences are energetic and thrilling; overall style fits the genre well.

Fans of That Which Flows have eagerly anticipated season 2. Although no release date has been set, fans should expect it sometime this year.


That Which Flows By is an immersive fantasy world filled with magic and adventure that draws readers in through complex storytelling and beautiful artwork. A must-read for fans of manhwa of all ages!

Characters in this series have well-defined personalities with expressive faces that draw readers closer, and its detailed backgrounds add visual interest.

Story-wise, its narrative is gripping and dramatic – promising readers an addictive read! Characters deal with issues of self-discovery and human relationships while exploring societal expectations and cultural identity; making this book universally relatable.