Cleaning glued-down carpets at commercial spaces now easier


Carpets that are laid out at commercial places have to bear excessive load. Throughout a normal working day such a carpet keeps welcoming guests into your office or business place. In course of time heavy foot traffic takes its toll on the décor item. Your carpet takes up stains, wears spots and undergo discolouration. In order to make your carpet look fresh you have no other option but clean it at regular intervals.

Cleaning a carpet is not as easy as cleaning a hanky or a pair of socks. Therefore the question that obviously poses is how to do that. 

At the VIP Carpet Cleaning London we are specialised in cleaning commercial, glued down carpets. We have extensive hands-on experience in this job. Our clients mainly cover the areas in and around London. One of the easiest ways to reach out to us is by searching online using strings like professional carpet cleaning near me. We help hundreds of businesses make their offices appear good and presentable. 

In the following sections of the blog post let us explore few easy and tested tips to remove spots, spills and discolouration from carpets laid out at offices and other commercial premises. 

Easy and effective steps to clean commercial glued down carpets

Whether you manage a start-up or run an established business the carpet laid out at your real-time storefront or office space has to look great. Here are few tried and tested tips help you achieve the target.

Step 1 – vacuum the entire carpeting thoroughly

The first thing at this stage is removing the surface debris. You can start the extraction process only after it. A special type of vacuum proves helpful on this aspect. It is called a HEPA vacuum where HEPA stands for high efficiency particulate air. The vacuum sucks up the loose soil particles. Now you may wonder why we are referring HEPA? There are quite a few reasons behind it.

The filters used in HEPA are mechanical air filters. These filters make use of a very fine mesh to trap tiny pollutants. When you use a HEPA vacuum its filters lift away the particles of not only pollen but also dust mites, pet dander and even smoke. When these notorious allergens get removed from your space the air quality is automatically improved. Thus there is a sharp fall of allergy symptoms among your customers. While vacuuming your carpet take time to cover every square inch of the surface area. If required do not hesitate to go under furniture items like desks, chairs and benches. This effort will definitely make your professional carpet cleaner.

Step 2 – Apply pre conditioning spray to the carpet

This is much like pre treatment of a tough stain on your favourite shirt. You pre spray your carpet to loosen up and break down grease, stains and all those factors that result in blot. When you will clean the carpet the fibre or fabric will release the debris more easily. After vacuuming apply pre spray for conditioning. After applying the pre spray wait for about 15 to 20 minutes for the solution to take effect. You can use a carpet brush that is meant to use manually to work the pre spray gently into the fabric.  

Step 3 – Steam clean is more effective

These days, a large number of people search online using strings like best carpet cleaners near me to get in touch with reliable carpet cleaning services. Usually when this kind of searches is made from London and the nearby areas lead to none other but the VIP Carpet Cleaning London. Trained and experienced professionals associated with this reliable carpet cleaning business point out there are several ways to clean carpets from commercial spaces effectively. However a tried and tested way is using detergent powder. Detergent is placed into truck-mounted machine. This procedure breaks up the dirt more easily. This way you can take care of tough stains from your carpet surface at least ten times better than using liquid detergent.

Step 4 – Shampooing the carpet

If highly trafficked zone of your carpet develops dark stains then use a pH 7 Shampoo. This particular product can take care of the problem of discolouration. You have to use it in combination with a rotary scrubber. The shampoo resolves the problem of foot patterns from the carpet surface. This shampoo has a natural pH. It is much unlike those harsh cleansers that can irreversibly damage the fibres of a carpet. The shampoo stays on the rug and performs its action even long after its initial application. The shampoo also neutralises the action of pre spray conditioners and detergents that have a high pH value.

Step 5 – air movers can speed up the drying process

This step is completely optional. If you want to speed up the drying process of your carpet then that is as much possible. Large, commercial grade air movers are there. The device needs to be installed. It circulates air to facilitate rapid removal of moisture from your carpet.

Fixing a flooded commercial glued down carpet

Flooding may happen anytime because of a number of reasons. It can be a broken pipe, massive storms, backed up drain and such other factors. In case your carpet is contaminated by sewage water then there is nothing much to worry. The issue can be reversed. However this is not a DIY project and only a trained professional can tackle this problem.        

If the flood involved only grey water then there is no need to replace the carpeting. Extracting only the moisture is sufficient. This is possible because of a reason. Glued down carpets – unlike their traditional counterpart – have no padding underneath. When regular carpeting is concerned, the underneath padding has to be replaced. Moreover an antimicrobial also has to be sprayed to prevent mould. When your concern is a glued down carpet you can use a professional carpet water extraction device to extract the moisture. This factor makes glued down carpets much easier to use than regular carpeting.

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For more tips and information on cleaning commercial glued down carpets you are free to tap us.